Our Roadmap

Nov 30, 2023

🐣 Strabo 1.0 Early MVP - ( Q1 2024)

Our primary goal for the Strabo 1.0 Early MVP is to grow our user base organically. We plan to market our beta version on Reddit, Discord servers, and Telegram groups to attract early adopters for the beta test. With the features listed above, we believe that we can attract a significant number of users who are interested in investing in a variety of assets and tracking their investment strategies in one place.

We aim to have over 1,000 users globally who actively use Strabo to manage their investment portfolios before we release 1.1 Version. We will continue to improve our platform based on user feedback, ensuring that Strabo remains a valuable tool for investors of all levels.

📱 Strabo 1.1 Social Platforms Expansion (Q2 - Q3 2024)

The team plans to expand the platform's reach by integrating with popular social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp. The "Snippets" feature will enable users to easily share their investment strategies on various social media platforms, while the "Browser Strategy View" will allow users to view shared strategies without having to download Strabo. Additionally, the team plans to improve the overall user experience by implementing more detailed portfolio overviews, enhancing the graphics for investment strategies, adding new language options, and implementing a direct messaging feature. The team hopes to increase the number of active users on the platform by at least 3000% by the end of 2024 and establish Strabo as a go-to tool for retail investors across multiple social media platforms.

💸 Strabo 2.0 Monetization (Q3 2024 - 2025)

The goal is to start earning income from premium accounts. Additionally, we will partner and create sponsored content with local exchanges and financial service providers. There will be both B2C and B2B income streams for Strabo.

We will maintain the good features and improve the ones that need improvement to provide a better experience. Our focus will be on creating value from the content created by our users. This content will help us create a collective consciousness for our Strabo AI bot.

🤖 Strabo 3.0 AI Implementation (2026 - TBD**)**

Our goal for Strabo 3.0 is to fully integrate AI technology into our platform. We plan to develop a more advanced version of our Strabo Insights AI chatbot that will provide users with daily summaries of forum feeds, portfolio asset movements, and following users' strategy summaries. Additionally, we will implement an AI-assisted strategy writing feature to help users write better sentences and guide newbie users to write more insightful strategies. By leveraging AI, we hope to provide a more personalized and efficient user experience for our users, making Strabo the go-to tool for investors of all levels.