Meet the Strabo Team

Oct 20, 2023

Meet Team Strabo, a team on a mission to make it easier for people to make financial investment decisions.

The start of it all

Strabo is not an idea startup, Strabo is a problem startup. What does this mean? Strabo didn't start as a spur-of-the-moment idea. It started by saying that there are still many gaps in the investment world and we should do a project about them.

It all started with a research project. Onat Strabo CEO is actually the person at the starting point of this project. He had decided to leave his former workplace ATÖLYE and start a venture in financial investments. He began this process by researching and finding a problem-user fit as if he was working on a service design project for a client. In this process, he joined forces with his former colleague Mert and they worked together to realize the Strabo product.

Onat is more focused on; what do people need? What kind of people experience these needs? What are the issues that these needs should be solved with the highest priority? He worked to find answers to questions like these with evidence. And Mert, how do we systematically design this solution? How do we turn it into a large-scale digital product? He was giving answers to questions such as "How do we make it a large-scale digital product?" based on his own experience.

Meeting with the Sufle team and launching the first product

Onat and Mert were designing the first version of Strabo in detail, but they needed someone to develop the software for the product. During that summer, they started looking for a CTO and finally met the Sufle team. When the Sufle team was as excited about the Strabo project as Onat and Mert were, they wanted to take part in bringing the idea to life. Sufle co-founders Burak, Baris, Durul and Gizem had been involved in many large-scale fintech projects in the past and had proven their experience in launching such a digital product. With these 3 different groups coming together using their strengths, they rolled up their sleeves and started working to bring Strabo's first product to life.

Our Founding Team
Onat Vural - CEO
  • Proven track record in generating innovative ideas.

  • Expertise in imparting innovative concepts to high-potential talents.

  • Extensive experience in service design and innovation strategy.

Mert Bağcılar - Creative CPO
  • Specializes in design systems and execution management.

  • Over a decade of experience in service design and digital engagement.

  • Worked with renowned companies like Accenture, Fjord, and IBM Experiences.

Sufle Team: Tech Development
Durul Doktoroğlu - Co-Owner and CTO
  • Over 10 years of software development experience.

  • Successfully launched two startups.

  • Expertise in fintech.

  • Co-owner of Sufle.

Burak Balta - Co-Owner and Technical Expert
  • Over 8 years of experience in back-end cloud development.

  • Expertise in Fintech applications.

  • Co-owner of Sufle.

Barış Balta - Co-Owner and Product Development Specialist
  • A decade of experience in product development.

  • Extensive expertise in large-scale cloud migration and serverless architecture.

  • Co-owner of Sufle.

Gizem Gür - Co-Owner and Technology Specialist
  • AWS Ambassador.

  • 10+ years of Architecture and DevOps experience.

  • Specializes in large-scale web app services.

  • Co-owner of Sufle.